Help Protect & Disinfect Your Hands With This Hypo-Allergenic Organic Proprietary Blend. Derived From Six (6) Essential Oils:
Coconut, Eucalyptus, Oregano, Peppermint, Rosemary, And Tea Tree Oil. Infused With Two Alkaline Minerals- Borax & Zink.
Dissolved, In Distilled Water* Reducing Germs And Leaving Your Skin Softer. Available In Three (3) Sizes Below.

The Daley Blast

The Daley Blast Pro

We can help protect & disinfect just as well as prepped to survive any threat level you desire from Covid-19 wave. know family can also come with four legs. But we carry the items you need to stay safe and healthy and ready for fun.

Baby and Kids Toys

Being a new parent or a pro our little ones can be a handful. Because we have the accessories to make life a little easier and offering great choices for your precious bundle.

Health and Fitness

If you have the motivation, we have the tools to get you there. Diet aids, and exercise equipment and body contouring outfits and many more. Because you have to stay healthy and safe so, Help Protect & Disinfect.

Are you ready? We can help but are you prepped to survive any threat level you desire from hurricane to zombie apocalypse.

There are many store but we are different because we are providing Pre-Booking to our customers. Because we know you need these products in this pandemic.

Help Protect and Disinfect because of COVID providing you the best sanitizers for protection. Because we care for you and your family. Providing Daley Defense Sanitizer in very reasonable prices ever.  And are available in 3 different sizes.

Daley Defense Mini 10ml and Daley Defense 30ml and Daley Defense Max 50ml

A lot of products are available but we care for the health first. So we have huge number of products related to health and fitness. Because we know that in this time you need our help.